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Objective: Sky Miner is a strategic drafting/resource gathering game played with up to 4 players over a series of 12 rounds. In Sky Miner, you have been chosen by the galactic mining corporation to obtain elements needed that are scarce on Earth. You will have to balance out resource allocation and fuel consumption with payload space.

How to win: Gain the highest amount of currency points by the end of the allocated time period of 12 moon phases.

Pieces to game:

  • 4 - Character pieces: 1 space shuttle, 1 astronaut, 1 satellite, and 1 lunar rover
  • 1 - Moon centerpiece
  • 4 - Reference cards
  • 8 - Mission cards
  • 3 - Resource Dice-Sides of Dice are:
    • H2O
    • 2X H2O
    • Crate Card
    • 1X Drill
    • 2X Drill
    • 3X Drill
  • 60 - Mining ship component cards
    • 24 - Propulsion cards
    • 18 - Cargo Bay cards
    • 18 - Drill cards
  • 100 - H2O Chips
  • 72- Crate Cards
  • 1 - Player Mat
  • 36 - Asteroid Cards
    • 16 - C-Type Asteroids
    • 12 - S-Type Asteroids
    • 8 - M-Type Asteroids
  • 1 - Instruction Guide

Start up:

Give each player a reference card. This will act as their moon base.

Creating the junkyard:

Separate the mining ship components into 3 piles (Propulsion, Cargo Bay, Drill) and place face down near the player mat.

Create the asteroid field:

Separate all asteroid types, shuffle them separately, placing them face down on the player mat with regards to the same asteroids.

Choosing your starting player:

Choose your starting player by rolling all 3 dice and counting up the Drill amounts (1X=1, 2X =2, 3X =3). Player with the highest drill amount goes first and picks their player token.

Starting with the first player and going counter clockwise, the first player will choose one mission statement and place it face down in front of them.

Creating the initial mining ship:

Each mining ship has three components at all times: Propulsion, Cargo Bay, and Drill. The starting portion of this game is a draft system to determine all players ship components. Depending on the number of players the first player will flip over that amount of component cards plus one extra. The first player will then decide on a component card and place it in front of him/her. The next player will decide on a component card and so on until each player has all three component cards. The left over component cards are then added back into their original decks, and shuffled. Each player is allowed only 1 Propulsion, 1 Cargo Bay, and 1 Drill component card. Each player stacks up their component cards to resemble a mining ship.

The number on your Propulsion Component cards indicate how many dice to roll for resources.

The number on your Cargo Bay Component cards indicate how many assets you may hold at any time. Assets include H20 chips, Crate Cards and Asteroid Cards.

The number on your Drill/Mining Component cards indicate how many dice to roll when you drill.

Give each player 5 H2O chips to start.

You are now ready to start game play.

How to Play:

The game is broken down into parts, allocating resources for your moon base and mining resources on asteroids. Each turn you can complete a total of three actions. Some actions can only be done on the moon base and some can only be done in space. A good miner will be able to determine which action would better suit his/her strategy. Below are listed the different actions as well as a description of what each one does.

In space:

  • Roll for resources
  • Move
  • Drill/Mine for resources *Drilling automatically ends turn

On the moon only:

  • Roll for resources
  • Exchange mining ship components
  • Store resources from Cargo Bay to your Moon base card *Storing automatically ends turn

Move – a player can turn in H2O chips to move in space. Each chip is worth 1 move in space (1 yellow line).

Roll for resourcesThe mining ship Propulsion component should indicate how many dice to roll for resources. H2O equals 1 blue chip (move). H2O-2x equals 2 blue chips (2 moves). Crate Card forces you to pull 1 Crate card. Drill rolls are for drilling/mining asteroids.

Drill/Mine for elementsThe mining ship Drill component indicates the number of dice you can roll at a time when drilling an asteroid. You must beat the number on the Asteroid card in order to fully mine it. Drill 1X equals 1 drill, Drill 2X equals 2 drills, etc. If you have multiple dice you may add the drill total to mine an asteroid. The number on the dice must exceed the number on the asteroid cards. Once an asteroid has been successfully mined, the asteroid card takes up one space in your Cargo Bay until you return to the moon base.

Cargo BayThe number on the Cargo bay component card is the amount of assets any player may hold. Assets include H20 chips, Crate Cards and Asteroid Cards. You must bring all assets back to your base on the moon for them to count at the end of the game. Take all asset cards and put them in a separate stack on your reference card. Once you bring the assets back to your base, they may count for your mission cards.

H20 Blue Chips are not allowed to be stored on Moon Base.

Exchange mining ship componentsWhile at the moon a miner can exchange one of their mining ship components for another face down component.

Crate Cards- Anytime a player gets a crate card symbol on any dice, the player must draw a crate card. The card "Passing Phase" crate cards move the center moon one yellow notch counter-clockwise. The moment the moon makes a complete 360 cycle the game is over. Any crate cards can be played at any time except for "Passing Phase," "Meteor Shower," "Scoundrel," "Human Error," "Total Systems Failure," "Solar Flare," and "Reassignment." These cards are meant to be played immediately.

Asteroid Cards- There will be a number of elements you have gathered. Elements allocate certain currency points due to rarity of elements. See chart below:


1 Currency points


2 Currency points


3 Currency points


4 Currency points


5 Currency points

Mission Cards- A player receives only 1 mission card at the beginning of the game. There will be a specific combination of elements needed in order to complete the mission. Each completed mission card is worth 20 currency points. You may turn in your mission cards at the end of the game.

Game End:

After the "Passing Phase" crate card has been drawn 12 times the game ends and points are tallied.

Once the final passing phase card occurs there is one last turn to complete per player not including the player who played the card. At the end each player scores up their currency points by the number of elements gathered, H2O chips in Cargo Bay, and mission statements completed.

The player with one of every element wins an extra 10 currency points.

The player with the most currency points wins!


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